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Criminal Valley Questions & Answers:

Q:What is Criminal Valley?
A:A new GTA map, probably the best one ever!

Q:Who is making Criminal Valley?
A:RobertB (map making, mission programing) and MattDaMan (mission manuscript, new sounds & menu graphics)

Q:What is so special with Criminal Valley?
A:The nighttime effects and the cool mission story.

Q:Can I become a beta tester?
A:Yea everyone can, no matter who you are, where you are, what you are or what your name is!

Q:Is Criminal Valley the best map ever?

Q:What makes Criminal Valley better than Empire City?
A:The nighttime effects, the cool mission story and the name.

Q:How many missions will it have?
A:10-15 missions and 5 secret missions.

Q:When will the final version be released?
A:Hopefully withing a month if everything works as planned.

Q:What will the missions be about?
A:Hehe... did you really think I was going to reveal that?