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Criminal Valley Screenshots:

Some of the cars will not be in the final release, so don't worry if you think they're ugly.

screen1.JPG (151556 bytes)
"Hey boys, I'm over here! Quit noising around down there, come and get me!"

  screen2.JPG (186338 bytes)
Action on the rooftops, or as a swede should say: "Karlsson på taket".

screen3.JPG (158605 bytes)
"It's not my fault! They shot first!"  

screen4.JPG (178498 bytes)
"I'm singing in the night..."   "No, it's called Singing in the rain!"   "Yea but do you see any rain here? Idiot."

screen4.JPG (178498 bytes)
You don't have to think. You don't have to worry. You just have to kill!