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Empire City Questions & Answers:

Q:What is Empire City?
A:One of the best GTA map ever!! The two best maps in the history are Criminal Valley and Empire City. That's why we do ECVSCV!

Q:Who is making Empire City?
A:Jimmy Wiberg - Empire Software (

Q:What is so special with Empire City?
A:That will you see whan you play it, most of it is a secret.

Q:Can I become a beta tester?

Q:Is Empire City the best map ever?
A:Sure, One of them. What did u think?

Q:What makes Empire City better than Criminal Valley?
A:Like I told ya, when you have download the beta version you will know why.

Q:How many missions will it have?
A:Something like 40 - 70 missions. Many that I say! (Are you serious? -RobertB)

Q:When will the final version be released?
A:Around 20:th August... nothing is decided yet.

Q:What will the missions be about?
A:There will be many kind of missions. 2 chapters, 1: Bloody Streets 2: All cops day of. So now you should be able figure out what the missions will be like!! Hehe!