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Hi and welcome to the Empire City vs Criminal Valley page!

Empire City vs Criminal Valley

Which one is the best?

Empire City
Criminal Valley

Thursday 21:th July - Robert

Poseidon said he gived up the competition and downloaded the page, so I uploaded it again. And I changed password so he shall not be able to download it again. Even if he is serious about giving up, continue to support your favourite map. I'm still intrested in the results, what Poseidon ever says. Oh and I got some good news too: The Criminal Valley beta version will probably be uploaded tomorrow, if not Poseidon get the password somehow. I will do my best to keep this page up, and if he decides to do the same I'll give the password back to him. Thank you for reading and don't forget to vote!


Thursday 23:th July - Jimmy


Okey I did take a look and at the vote results that the score is.... 35% me 65 RobertB
So..... Idon't know I think i'm going to loose this! But what the hell its just a dam Game. But Please
Peeps VOTE AT ME!!! And I would be very happy for it! ThanX again... And I wanna say sorry
that I haven't update my page. But I've been very busy whit the game Kingpin... DAM ITS SO GOOD!
Sorry But I have to say this... Its much better than GTA! Or what ever! Who cares? No one... Its Just
Game. So one win one loose nothing can do anything... Well that all... Than for reading my boring text!
Se ya tommorrow or what ever.... The beta version of CV is clear, My beta is ready on sunday or thusday or what ever.